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Nice! As you can see the Query Language might look cryptic at first, but it’s actually quite straightforward!

Those circles you see in the map view are “points of interest” called “nodes”. Try clicking on them - some just contain their own positions (lat/lon) but some of them are tagged and contain other data, such as names, type of node, etc, etc.

Since our friend “Bob” has a pretty inaccurate GPS, he only managed to give us rough coordinates. He DID say that he would be by a tree, however, so why don’t we try searching for a node that’s a tree? He’s bound to be there!

  1. We see a bunch of nodes, but we’re looking for a specific node, namely, the Node where Bob is at, which is a tree!
  2. Go ahead and click on some of the nodes in the map view. You will see a few nodes that are tagged as “natural=tree” (basically saying the node is a natural feature, specifically, a tree). Bob should be next to one of these trees!
  3. We’re going to use filters to, ahem filter our nodes to only show trees. We can do that by adding [key=value] to the end of our first line (but before the semicolon ;), of course replacing key=value to what we’re looking for (trees)
That doesn't seem right! Make sure to just add the filter, and not replace the whole line!
node(48.5657094, 13.4490548, 48.5662416, 13.4501676)[natural=tree]; out;